A UK charity transforming the lives of Taiwan's suffering animals

A UK charity saving animals in Taiwan

A UK charity transforming the lives of Taiwan's suffering animals

Please help Cowie & Little Wolf pay their emergency vet bill

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Puppy Brothers Badly Hurt and Needing Help

ACT received a message about a puppy living inside a construction site two hours from Taipei and with a terrible wound. A photo we were sent revealed the cause: a rubber band that was slowly cutting into the poor pup’s neck. He was clearly in pain, the wound was getting deeper and wider every day, and the little guy urgently needed help.


The photo we were sent of the injured pup showed what must have been a very painful and worsening wound.

Our rescue team spent many hours on this rescue, because the pup was not only several hours away but also on private property that we weren’t allowed to enter. To make the rescue even more difficult, there were many other dogs and pups there, and our rescuers had to keep trying to chase the healthy ones away from the humane trap without also scaring the injured one. But we also noticed a second injured pup hanging around who we now know is the brother of the first; he too was in pain, hobbling around on just three legs, holding one up to stop it hitting the ground. Now we had TWO difficult rescues to pull off.

Our rescuer, Ross’s patience paid off several days later, when the first pup snuck out from behind the gate to the construction site and began sniffing around our trap, which was baited with stinky dog food to entice him—and he cautiously took a few steps in! But just as Ross was about to tug on the rope that would close the door behind the pup, something amazing happened: the other injured pup suddenly appeared and limped into the trap right behind his brother!

We named the first one Cowie and his brother, Little Wolf.

Ross drove two hours to get the pair to a 24-hour vet for immediate veterinary attention. Although bewildered and a little scared by the daunting new experience, both pups were incredibly well behaved at the vet, enabling the doctors to thoroughly examine them before surgery. Cowie’s neck was much worse now and he quickly underwent an operation to remove the rubber band and clean and suture the now very large wound (sorry for the graphic image): 

The elastic band in Cowie's neck was now embedded, causing infection and swelling.

X-rays revealed that Little Wolf’s front-right leg was broken. Thankfully, it didn’t require surgery, but the vets put it in a cast to help it properly heal.

The vet bill for Cowie came to NT$40,850 (Taiwan dollars), and Little Wolf’s, NT$15,800. Together they total a very reasonable NT$56,650 / £1,474 / US$2,039 / AU$2,694 / €1,743).

If you believe that pups like these brothers should always get medical help if they desperately need it, please consider contributing to Little Wolf’s and Cowie’s emergency veterinary bills today. Your kind donation will go directly towards the stray puppies’ surgery and treatment. If we surpass our fundraising goal for them, all extra funds raised will go towards paying for other suffering strays to receive the veterinary care they urgently need and very much deserve. We rescue around three badly injured or gravely ill strays in Taiwan every week.

Yes!  Cowie and Little Wolf deserve this emergency veterinary treatment, and I would love to contribute towards their vet bills.

Your donation is important, as it not only helps Little Wolf and Cowie but also means ACT can help more animals in need.

<center>Todd Henderson</center>
Todd HendersonAssociate Producer of 'Dog Whisperer' with Cesar Millan, Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer
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"I’ve met extraordinary people in the dog world over the years but what you and Judy and the team do is like nothing else! Flat out some of the most remarkable people I’ve met . . . The way they rescue stray dogs . . . was deserving of a TV show!"
<center>Dr. Jane Goodall</center>
Dr. Jane GoodallWorld-renowned Primatologist, Environmentalist, Animal Rights Activist, and UN Messenger of Peace
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"You are doing such an amazing job. I am so proud of you."
<center>Dr. Brian May</center>
Dr. Brian MayRock Guitar Legend, Founder of Save Me Trust, and Prominent Campaigner for Animal Rights
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"I take my hat off to you for achieving so much for animals."
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Let us email you from time to time with appeals and news about our animal rescues. You can  unsubscribe at any time.