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Xiao Niu’s Story

A few weeks ago, ACT received a message along with a photo of a young puppy with a horrific injury: a rubber band was stuck on his neck and slowly slicing into it all the way around. We knew he must be suffering and one of our rescuers immediately drove 2 hours to get to the spot where the pup lived with his mum and siblings.

Xiao Niu at the moment he was finally caught. The terrible wound around his neck is clearly seen.

It took nearly two weeks of driving and trying, covering thousands of kilometers and nearly 150 hours. The stray family was living inside a factory site that wouldn’t allow us in to rescue the pup, so our rescuer set up a humane trap in the spot where the kind locals feed the dogs, and waited.

Finally, our rescuer’s patience paid off, and the weakening pup plucked up the courage to walk into the trap—and there was a huge bonus: he was followed by one of his brothers who was only able to slowly hobble in because one of his front legs was broken. The two siblings exemplify what it is to grow up as a stray dog in Taiwan: it’s usually a short life filled with danger and pain. And that’s why the ACT team have been rescuing dogs, cats. and wild animals here since 1999.

Xiao Niu (right) with his brother Xiao Lang (left) recovering together in ACT care after undergoing emergency surgery

Turning Animals’ Lives Around

The majority of the dogs that ACT rescues are maimed by poachers’ illegal leg-hold traps and wire snares. As a result, we probably care for the largest number of amputee dogs in the world: currently 52. After they recover from surgery, our rehoming team endeavours to find loving homes for all the adoptable dogs and cats—like Xiao Niu, here, who recently went on an adoption tryout with lady who first reported his plight.

However, not all rescued animals are adoptable, so ACT also provides lifelong, quality sanctuary care when needed. Always, we consider every dog, cat, or wild animal as an individual, which means we do the very best we can for each and every one who passes through our care. We are no-kill.

ACT is the only registered charity performing animal rescues in northern Taiwan around the clock—and often in very difficult situations. As a result, we save the lives of animals who had almost no hope and give them the best life we can. Very importantly, being a small nonprofit, the bulk of our income is spent directly on the animals, making ACT a great animal charity to donate to.


ACT co-founder Sean reassuring a rather bewildered Xiao Niu, who's still recovering from surgery


What Your Monthly Donation Can Do

Naturally, when you give to a charity, you want to see what your money can achieve. And there are so many good things your kindness can make happen for the animals that ACT rescues. For instance:


£5 per month ensures a rescued dog or cat gets all the required dietary supplements every day


£10 per month feeds a rescued dog or cat basic healthy food daily


£25 per month pays for life-saving meds for one recently rescued animal for four weeks


£50 per month covers the basic costs of one life-transforming rescue every four weeks


£75 per month sponsors the entire basic care for a dog or cat at one of our sanctuaries


£100 per month pays the rent to keep a roof over the head of 21 rescued dogs or 15 rescued cats


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