A UK charity transforming the lives of Taiwan's suffering animals

A UK charity saving animals in Taiwan

A UK charity transforming the lives of Taiwan's suffering animals

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You may be a suffering animal's only hope

ACT is the only registered charity performing animal rescue in northern Taiwan around the clock—and often in very difficult situations. As a result, we save the lives of animals who had almost no hope and give them the best life we can. Because the bulk of our expenses are in Taiwan, we are able to make funds go a lot further and help more animals in distress, meaning ACT is a great animal charity to donate to.

24-Hour Animal Rescue

When a stray dog is hit by a car, an injured monkey is trapped in a tree, or a puppy is stuck in a drain, ACT goes to the rescue. If a kitten is heard crying in a dark and filthy back alley, or a neglected dog like Macy here just needs the chance of a better life, ACT won’t give up until that animal is rescued and receiving the best veterinary care available—no matter what situation or hour of day or night.

A bedgraggled Macy at the time of rescue, struggling to walk with degenerative knees, a broken pelvis, and pneumonia

Turning Animals’ Lives Around

The majority of the dogs that ACT rescues are maimed by poachers’ illegal leg-hold traps and wire snares. As a result, we probably care for the largest number of amputee dogs in the world: currently 52. After they recover from surgery, our rehoming team endeavours to find loving homes for all the adoptable dogs and cats. However, not all rescued strays are adoptable, so ACT also provides lifelong, quality sanctuary care when needed. Always, we consider every dog, cat, or wild animal as an individual, which means we do the very best we can for each and every one who passes through our care.

Macy was spotted in terrible condition, both back legs buckled, her long fur matted and soaked in her own urine, malnourished, and with a lung infection. Thankfully, the sweet stray was easy to rescue, and she is now enjoying a new life free of pain and suffering and full of pampering and love.

Macy getting used to the good life, where she sleeps on her own comfy bed, is kept clean and healthy, and enjoys fresh food and lots of love every day


What Your Donation Can Do

Naturally, when you give to a charity, you want to see what your money can achieve. And there are so many good things your kindness can make happen for the animals that ACT rescues. For instance:


£5 vaccinates a recently rescued dog or cat against ten life-threatening diseases


£10 feeds a rescued dog healthy food for a month or a cat for two months


£25 pays for life-saving oral medicine for a sick animal


£50 covers half a day’s costs for our team to rescue a stray or wild animal in distress


£75 sponsors the entire monthly care for a dog or cat at one of our sanctuaries


£100 ensures a sick or injured animal gets vital blood tests and x-rays


£250 to £500 means an injured dog or cat can undergo life-saving surgery

Yes!  Suffering animals like Macy must get the urgent treatment they need, and I want to donate to help make this happen.

Donate Now

Your donation is important, as it will help give a suffering animal in Taiwan the best chance possible of rescue, recovery and a bright, happy future.

<center>Todd Henderson</center>
Todd HendersonAssociate Producer of 'Dog Whisperer' with Cesar Millan, Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer
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"I’ve met extraordinary people in the dog world over the years but what you and Judy and the team do is like nothing else! Flat out some of the most remarkable people I’ve met . . . The way they rescue stray dogs . . . was deserving of a TV show!"
<center>Dr. Jane Goodall</center>
Dr. Jane GoodallWorld-renowned Primatologist, Environmentalist, Animal Rights Activist, and UN Messenger of Peace
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"You are doing such an amazing job. I am so proud of you."
<center>Dr. Brian May</center>
Dr. Brian MayRock Guitar Legend, Founder of Save Me Trust, and Prominent Campaigner for Animal Rights
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"I take my hat off to you for achieving so much for animals."
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Let us email you from time to time with appeals and news about our animal rescues. You can  unsubscribe at any time.