A UK charity saving animals in Taiwan

A UK charity saving animals in Taiwan

A UK charity saving animals in Taiwan

A sad-looking dog with a large tumour on her face, looking out from behind the bars of her filthy cage

Donate to Animal Rescue in Taiwan

Your kindness can be a suffering animal's only hope

ACT is the only registered charity performing animal rescue in northern Taiwan around the clock—and often in very difficult situations. As a result, we save the lives of animals who had almost no hope and give them the best life we can. Very importantly, being a small nonprofit, our costs per animal are far lower than many much larger organisations, meaning ACT is a great animal charity to donate to.

24-Hour Animal Rescue

When a stray dog is hit by a car, an injured monkey is trapped in a tree, or a puppy is stuck in a drain, ACT goes to the rescue. If a kitten is heard crying in a dark and filthy back alley, or a neglected dog like Bianca here just needs a chance to live, ACT won’t give up until that animal is rescued and receiving the best veterinary care available—no matter what situation or hour of day or night.

ACT founder Sean and rescue leader Ross with Sandy, a stray dog they climbed and hiked 12 hours to rescue from a remote village after he lost both front feet to hunters' snares

Turning Animals’ Lives Around

The majority of the dogs that ACT rescues are maimed by poachers’ illegal leg-hold traps and wire snares. As a result, we probably care for the largest number of amputee dogs in the world: currently 52. After they recover from surgery, our rehoming team endeavours to find loving homes for all the adoptable dogs and cats. However, not all rescued animals are adoptable, so ACT also provides lifelong, quality care when needed. Always, we consider every dog, cat, or wild animal as an individual, which means we do the very best we can for each and every one who passes through our care.

What Your Donation Can Do

Naturally, when you give to a charity, you want to see what your money can achieve. And there are so many good things your kindness can make happen for the animals that ACT rescues. For instance:

£5 vaccinates a recently rescued dog or cat against ten life-threatening diseases

£10 feeds a rescued dog healthy food for a month or a cat for two months

£25 pays for life-saving oral medicine for a sick animal

£50 covers half a day’s costs for our team to rescue a stray or wild animal in distress

£75 sponsors the entire monthly care for a dog or cat at one of our sanctuaries

£100 ensures a sick or injured animal gets vital blood tests and x-rays

£250 to £500 means an injured dog or cat can undergo life-saving surgery

Yes!  Animals must get the urgent help they need, so I want to donate to make that happen.

Your donation is important, as it will help give a suffering animal the best chance possible of recovery and a bright, happy future.

ACT of Kindness

Animal Care Trust (ACT) is a registered UK charity transforming the lives of suffering animals in northern Taiwan.

What We Do

ACT rescues and cares for cats who are badly injured, have FIV, or just need a quiet, safe place because they’re about to give birth. Unbelievably, of our five resident cats who were saved from euthanasia because they were paralyzed, four are running and playing again! And, although he didn’t make such an incredible recovery, the one who never regained full mobility still zooms happily around our cat house using just his front legs.

We also rescue wild animals in need of emergency treatment, and we always aim to release them as soon as they have recovered. Because not every animal is suitable for release or rehoming, ACT provides lifelong sanctuary to any that need it. We work hard to place cat and dogs in caring homes but, because situations can sometimes change, we always take an animal back if needed—even many years after adoption.

What Else Makes Us Different?

The bulk of ACT’s work is unique in the world of animal welfare. That’s because most of our time is spent rescuing dogs and other animals who have fallen victim to the thousands of poachers’ leg-hold traps and wire snares that plague the otherwise beautiful Taiwan countryside. Most will lose a limb to these cruel, indiscriminate devices, and, tragically, some may lose two paws or even three. Regardless, ACT still provides them all a happy, comfortable life, despite their disabilities, as we believe that’s the least they deserve.

Because animal suffering isn’t confined to a schedule, ACT provides a 24-hour rescue service 365 days of the year. This often involves going into snake- and snare-infested jungle in the middle of the night to save a maimed dog. Although these animals are experiencing great pain and fear, our rescuers are trained in calming and gently handling even those patients who try to bite the hand that saves them. Importantly, ACT works with government animal protection and law enforcement to bring poachers to justice. Because of this, two poachers have already been put out of action so far this year. Evidence to secure their prosecution was captured thanks to the high-tech recording devices that ACT was able to purchase with your donations.

You Can Be an Animal Rescuer Too

We do all of this vital work for the animals every single day even though we receive no government financial assistance. It’s only because of kind donors like you that ACT can make the world a better place for those animals fortunate enough to pass through our care. If you’re looking for animal charities to donate to, please consider giving to ACT so that our life-saving work can continue.

We look forward to having you on the team!

Tiny, the RSPCA Ruff's Inaugural Champ!

Tiny-Before.jpg Tiny at the kill pound
A happy and healthy-looking Rottweiler relaxing at the beach Rescued

Tiny’s Story

Tiny the Rottweiler was languishing in a government kill pound with almost no hope of being saved. The abandoned young dog was emaciated, sick, and depressed. His body was riddled with mange, and because of this almost all his fur was gone. We were told he was facing euthanasia as it was unlikely anyone would want him.

A Huge Transformation

So we busted Tiny out, treated his skin disease, and put him on a raw diet. We also made sure he enjoyed lots of fresh air, walks, and unconditional love. Because of the care we gave Tiny, his health and spirit dramatically improved. Thanks to his new healthy lifestyle, Tiny’s weight nearly doubled and his fur grew back beautifully. And we noticed that he had started to smile!

On Top of the World

Tiny’s recovery was so incredible that we entered him into the RSPCA’s brand-new ‘dog show’, Ruffs. It’s an online dog show where winners are chosen not on breed standards but on their welfare, happiness, character, or story. Tiny won the Best Transformation category by a landslide!

But that’s not all, because he was then entered into ‘Best In Show’ and he won! Tiny was the Ruff’s inaugural champion! Thanks to his incredible story, our happy Rottie went viral and was the talk of newspapers and websites all over the world. Tiny went from being a sickly dog on death row to a globally celebrated winner, and it was all thanks to kind people like you.

Drag the slider in Tiny’s photo to see his amazing transformation—and why ACT is such a great animal charity to donate to.
<center>Todd Henderson</center>
Todd Henderson
Associate Producer of 'Dog Whisperer' with Cesar Millan, Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer
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"I’ve met extraordinary people in the dog world over the years but what you and Judy and the team do is like nothing else! Flat out some of the most remarkable people I’ve met . . . The way they rescue stray dogs . . . was deserving of a TV show!"
<center>Dr. Jane Goodall</center>
Dr. Jane Goodall
World-renowned Primatologist, Environmentalist, Animal Rights Activist, and UN Messenger of Peace
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"You are doing such an amazing job. I am so proud of you."
<center>Dr. Brian May</center>
Dr. Brian May
Rock Guitar Legend, Founder of Save Me Trust, and Prominent Campaigner for Animal Rights
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"I take my hat off to you for achieving so much for animals."